Too many cyclists, not enough bikes for Detroit’s coronavirus-weary

DETROIT (BLOOMBERG) – Mr John Hughes is busier than ever and still fretting about making ends meet.

That’s because his Detroit-based cycling shop has plenty of customers, just not enough bikes.

Amid the shortage of new bikes, people are digging two-wheelers out of their garages that haven’t been ridden in years.PHOTO: AFP

Like many Americans, Michiganders stir-crazy with quarantine turned to cycling as one of the few socially distant ways to enjoy the nicer weather, and each other.

But the same virus that created new enthusiasts wreaked havoc with traditional supply chains.

Global auto manufacturers forked over extra cash to airlift parts stranded in China during coronavirus lockdowns.

Small bicycle shops like Mr Hughes’ had to get in line. Now they’re suffering inventory shortages at the peak of the riding season.

Mr Hughes sold out of 90 per cent of his bikes within three weeks of reopening in early May.

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