Forgive yourself

Forgive YourselfFor not working on your dreams Forgive YourselfFor not making yourself a first priority Forgive YourselfFor agreeing to the norms of society Forgive YourselfFor trying to adjust at places where you never belonged Forgive YourselfFor the wrong decisions you have taken Forgive YourselfFor the sick people you have trusted Forgive YourselfFor the silly things […]

Forgive yourself

8 thoughts on “Forgive yourself

  1. 9/11 was a big wake up for me and for thousands around the world. The next day for most of us, we just went back to work.

    Look where we are in 2020. I really thought more people would wake up during this Corona Virus lockdown.

    America is about: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    For many years I thought: Once you can’t go to a Football Game, Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball, you will realize that we are in a police state.

    America will never be what it once was because not enough people stood up. Here in South Orange County, we had thousands of young people that hit the beaches here. My real hope? That these young people would keep going to the beach day after day after day.

    It didn’t happen, so now we remain under this lockdown. I wish you peace and harmony in your own life. Take good care.

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