Coronavirus: German government extends ban on gatherings until August 31

Bundesliga matches will be unable to take place with spectators in attendance until at least September after the German government confirmed an extension to their ban on gatherings.

On Wednesday, chancellor Angela Merkel announced the government’s plan to gradually ease the lockdown measures introduced to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Large gatherings in Germany have been banned until August 31

While schools will be allowed to open from May 4 and small shops can begin operating again from Monday, large gatherings will remain banned until August 31.

“Big events play a large role in the infection dynamic, and will therefore remain forbidden until August 31,” German leaders said in a statement.

Last week, DFL chief executive Christian Seifert confirmed plans had been drawn up for the Bundesliga to restart behind closed doors in early May, with clubs in the top two divisions having returned to training, albeit with players following social-distancing measures.

However, it now appears unlikely that the Bundesliga will be able to resume at the start of next month, with the government having put off discussions over the resumption of professional football until April 30.

“The Bundesliga was not a topic of discussion today,” Bavarian minister president Markus Soder stated.

“The league itself is working on security concepts and it will definitely be something to be talked about soon – whether and in what form games behind closed doors will be possible.”

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